Why are we here?

To make your “Snack Time” worth it with MyEureka. And while we’re at it, we intend to have fun spreading joy to the masses! This is where our passion and purpose go hand in hand.

It ain’t no snack time without


Discovering MyEureka

There’s no telling what you’ll discover in life, but one thing is certain: There is a MyEureka flavor made for you! Find the taste that brings out the happy-go-lucky side in you and make your moment count!


A flavorful touch

While we have fun doing what we do, we take quality control very seriously. Each MyEureka  flavor is put into serious research and development to give you a taste worthwhile. The grueling hours spent to provide you with the best there is, is what we call,  the MyEureka touch – something we are proud of.

Nobody does Popcorn like us!

When we say nobody does it like us, we mean it. Our wide variety of popcorn is catered to people from all walks of life. With a blend of the freshest ingredients and our innovation, we’ll take your taste buds on a journey

Our Commitment

We’re committed to our customers (that’s you!) and the need to create. This will always be our core belief for our tasty creations and the inspiration behind all our flavors.


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